Licensing Drivers

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What would you do if you drove yourself to the driver’s license bureau and discovered you couldn’t pass the eye exam without your glasses–which you left at home?

How about if the clerk asked a question–like where you were born–but you were unsure of the answer?

What if the picture on your license was of a long-haired, bespectacled person who bore no resemblance to your present self, making it seem as if you were stealing someone’s identity?

Last week was driver’s license renewal due date here in Carpenter Country. For the first time in twenty years, the state requested an in-person appearance. So, along with the chance to spend an hour or two waiting on line in the comfort of an air-conditioned government building, we had the opportunity to observe a few of our fellow drivers.

We’re pleased to report they’re a bold and resourceful bunch. The lady who forgot her glasses? She drove herself back home to retrieve them. The gentleman who drew a blank on where he was born? His wife answered for him. The identity thief? Oh, that was us. We just had to swear we are who we say we are.

That tactic may not work the next time. The new picture resembles a convict who recently figured out jail is no picnic. But for now, we’re back on the road. Right along with everyone else.

Honk if you’re out there with us.

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