Leap Year

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What is there to write about Leap Year?

We all know that in 46 BC Julius Caesar established the Julian Calendar, which added a full day to every four years. Of course, if we had stayed with J.C.’s calendar we would now have at least 15 extra days floating around with no place to land.

In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII spotted the extra days (there were 10 at the time) and promptly decided that the day after October 4th would be October 15th. That helped, but there were still three extra days every 400 years.

The Gregorian calendar corrected the error by stating that February 29th would be on the calendar every four years–unless the fourth year fell on a century year that wasn’t divisible by 400. (Which is why 1900 wasn’t a leap year, but 2000 was.) Imagine how confusing it must be to have a birthday on February 29th when the day is missing.

And while leap day babies are in the minority, over the millennium there were quite a few famous people born on 2/29. Our research turned up 97. Dinah Shore was a leap day baby, as well as Jimmy Dorsey, to name just two of the more recent ones.

Here in Carpenter Country, (where birthdays occur annually) we thought people who only get to enjoy a cake every four years might be unhappy–until we heard about Anthony, Texas.

Anthony bills itself as The Leap Year Capitol of the World and once again, as they have since 1988, they’re holding a world-wide Leap Year festival.

So if you know someone with a leap day birthday–or if you just want to have some fun (Anthony’s inviting everyone)–look up their web site for the details. Then pack a bag, jump on a plane and check out the party in person.

What is there to write about Leap Year? Seems like there’s more than we thought!

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