LaLa Land

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If you’re planning a vacation in LaLa Land, you may want to reconsider. The country, which recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its independence from the neighboring state of Reality, is experiencing an unprecedented influx of immigrants.

“It’s crazy here,” says Outta Tuch, head of LaLa Land’s diplomatic corps. “We have no clue what’s going on.”

Experts believe LaLa Land’s reputation as an up-in-the-clouds getaway is the impetus behind the latest mass migration, which is composed primarily of politicians. US senators, members of Congress, and even a president or two have discovered the joys of LaLa Land.

Property records show many of these refugees have purchased second homes in LaLa Land. Others visit on a temporary basis, saying they find the country an ideal place for drafting legislation that will affect millions of Americans.

As more and more politicians arrive in LaLa Land, long term residents are growing increasingly unhappy. LaLa Landers share a heritage they’re proud of, and many fear they have nothing in common with the newcomers.

“LaLa Land was created by people who were fleeing Reality,” explains Imnot Crayzee. “But the politicians never lived there.”

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