Keep Smiling

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The stock market’s up. Interest rates remain at a reasonable level. Scientists claim dark chocolate’s a healthy food–yet few people are smiling.

It seems El Nino is the cause of part of the unhappiness.

Up North, where January has been spring-like, complaints center on the heat, not knowing what to wear, no snow and no skiing.

In the South summer hangs on and grousing is about the fog, the rain, high humidity and running the a/c in winter.

How come everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that heat bills are low and golfing is great?

Of course it could be all the griping isn’t really about the weather. Maybe it’s about a whole generation of baby boomers dreading their next birthday.

In Carpenter Country the old gal celebrating her day has this advice: Don’t fret. Becoming a geezer is almost painless. And very little beats a chocolate layer cake topped with candles, or a mailbox jammed with enough greeting cards to outnumber the monthly bills.

So Happy Birthday to her–and to you.

And keep smiling.

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