Jack Smart

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Some people have pet names for their office equipment. Here in Carpenter Country we call our telephone Jack Dumb–because lately he’s been acting like a noodlehead.

The other night at 1:30 a.m. Jack’s bell rang. Startled out of a sound sleep, we grabbed the receiver.

Who could be calling at this hour?

Family? Friend?

None of the above. It was the sheriff phoning to check on our emergency. After we explained there was no emergency, he strongly suggested we check our phone.

Lately we’ve been having problems with dead spaces, busy signals, squeaks, squawks and strange voices on our landline. Now a 911 call.

What was our dopey phone going to do next?

We were still pondering that question at the crack of dawn as we dialed repair. Push one, push two almost immediately brought up a friendly voice.

After listening to our problem, the voice informed us some cordless phones do dial 911 if their battery begins to fail.

We smiled and thought, Oh, really?

But we’re always hungry for new information, and since we were connected to a knowledgeable ear, our next question was–could a failing battery cause squeaks, squawks and noises?

The nice voice said that could happen.

A trip to Radio Shack confirmed Jack’s battery was weak. The clerk gave us a strange look when we mentioned the emergency call, but agreed anything was possible.

Today Jack’s fully charged. And now that he’s behaving like brand new, we’ve decided to re-name him.

Any phone clever enough to dial 911 for help deserves to be called Jack Smart.

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