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Jack and The Fountain of Youth – Audio Installment 123

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by HL Carpenter
ISBN: 978-0-9884095-1-4
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9884095-0-7
Copyright (c) 2012 by Top Drawer Ink Corp.


Continued from Audio Installment 122
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Jack and The Fountain of Youth — Audio Installment 123


Read along with us!
Below is the text version of the audio.
(Show notes are beneath the text.)


“The baby monitor?” she said.

“You told me the part on the workbench that let you overhear my phone conversation is the receiver, and the other half, the one in the office by the crib, is a transmitter. Mr. Tennies must be able to pick up what happens in the greenhouse with the police scanner Tenspot told us about.”

“I’m not sure I understand this high-tech stuff,” Mr. Sterling said.

“Jack means Mr. Tennies overheard Cori and me talking about the Fountain of Youth.” Nessa frowned at Mr. Tennies. “But why did you ransack our greenhouse?”

“Why do you think?” He hawked another loogie onto the ground. “For payback. Your brother destroyed my life.”



We’re new to the Audacity, the sound program we use for our audio recordings, and to sound effects in general. These are our thoughts on the current episode.

Recording. We recorded this segment in one take, after three practice runs with the microphone off.

Technical. Recording went smoothly this week though Mr. Tennies’ voice took three tries. Difficult to maintain the accent with weekly gaps between recording sessions.

Comments. So much more comfortable now with the software, the microphone, and the reading. The less effort put into the recording the better, in terms of making the work sound more natural.

Story changes. Minor changes to the written version this week, though we will most likely change “said” to “ask” in the first sentence during the final revisions. The sentence structure and words worked well in the switch from text to audio.




HL Carpenter is a mother/daughter duo who write family-friendly fiction from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Visit Carpenter Country at



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