Essay — It’s Fall-Back Time Again

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Image source: VaughnSaball via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: VaughnSaball via Wikimedia Commons

I just realized that during Carpenter Country’s spring forward festival, our web site featured no Daylight Saving Time trivia. In case anyone missed my omission and was too polite to grumble, I’ll try to make up for the lapse with a few more insightful odds and ends.

For centuries, sundials measured time. Eventually clocks took over, but the sun’s position in the sky still dictated the hour. Enter Standard Time, followed by DST, neither of which is a natural occurrence.

This led to the question of whether spring-forward and fall-back might cause health problems. Maybe, since research indicates brains, hearts and most every other part of the body enjoy the added hour in November, but aren’t thrilled with the loss of sleep in March.

So, what’s the best way to cope?

Take a hint from the animals. They totally ignore DST. Roosters cock-a-doodle as soon as the sun climbs over the horizon. Wolves howl at the full moon whenever they feel like it.

And speaking of the full moon brings to mind something else I forgot— a witchy night. Seems Halloween passed by while I was writing about DST. Well, I hope your trick or treat was bountiful, and your clock change is uneventful.

As for me, my heart’s happy I skipped the candy.

To make the little ticker even happier, I’m off to push the hands on the clock back an hour.


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