Is It Over Yet?

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It’s a good thing the presidential race is heading into the final six month stretch because here in Carpenter Country, the short one is totally tired of listening to the candidates spout the same old rhetoric.

She’s heard enough talk about global warming, government bailouts and the trillions of dollars the budget is overdrawn to last a lifetime. She’s also heard enough jabber about what each of the campaigners would do to get the country back on track “as soon as they become president.”

But why do they have to wait until they become president?

If the seekers of higher office spent fewer hours on the stump and more time taking care of The People’s business–a job they’re already paid to do–Americans might not be losing their homes. Perhaps there’d be no deficit, no trade imbalance or a falling dollar.

It’s even possible Social Security would be on track, the infrastructure wouldn’t be crumbling, food and fuel might be cheaper, there’d be a fairly equitable health care system and a simplified tax code.

Wow–just think what great shape our country would be in!

On second thought, this could be one of those moments when we should be careful what we wish for. If the presidential hopefuls stopped politicking and had to sit behind a desk, who knows how they’d cast their votes or what sort of legislation might become law.

Hmmm–maybe hiking around on the campaign trail is the best place for them after all.

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