Inbred Ideas

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Got an idea? You may need to let it go to keep it healthy.

Researchers have determined that over 90% of the ideas in America today are inbred. Trapped in insular colonies that are unable to accept new input, ideas are suffering from a lack of creativity and originality.

In the wild, ideas thrive by traveling freely between unrelated populations. When the natural exchange of ideas is interrupted, such as when intellectual habitat declines or is lost, the resulting isolation makes it difficult for ideas to find suitable companions, and inbreeding becomes prevalent.

According to scientists who study the topic, inbreeding, which is the mating of closely related ideas, leads to smaller, dumber ideas that are less likely to survive independent scrutiny. That in turn causes decreases in the fertility of ideas and increases in abnormalities exhibited by idea offspring. Extinction is the eventual consequence.

Dr. Thawt Full, a scientist who specializes in the genetic patterns of ideas, is trying to save America’s idea population. Dr. Full believes it may be possible to selectively breed ideas in laboratories and re-introduce the new generation to the wild.

Critics are leery of the plan, and worried about who will decide which ideas should be preserved and which should be abandoned. Consensus is that a few ideas are expendable. Unfortunately, no one knows which ones or how many, and everyone is afraid to find out.

Dr. Full says there’s no time to waste with endless debates, adding, “We have to adjust our thinking. You have no idea how important this is.”

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