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Guess what? The word from Mode Boulevard is: Fanny packs will soon be back in style!

Dummheit me, I never noticed they went out of style. In Carpenter Country those practical little pouches still grace the discount racks. Though come to think of it, they have become scarce lately and can only be found in an odd shade of dull black.

My initial acquaintance with a fanny pack began years ago when my first grandson asked to go to Disney World. Since there was no way I was schlepping a six year old and a shoulder bag the size of a small pony through the Magic Kingdom, I went looking for a jacket with deep pockets.

What I found was an undersized purse that would hold lots of essentials, fastened around my waist and left my hands free. I’ve been using one ever since.

Now, thanks to several top designers who have updated the color, shape and elegance of the belted bags–plus the fashion models who sashayed down the world’s most famous runways wearing those up-to-the-minute fabulous creations–it appears my favorite accessory has been re-introduced in greater variety than ever.

The upside: Before long fanny packs will once again be easy to find. Is there a downside? Let’s see, according to the news article I’m reading, the purchase price could range from three hundred to two thousand dollars.

Whoa! Forget the new chic. Dull black suits me just fine.

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