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It’s always nice to get away…to eat lots of food without fretting about calories. To catch up with friends in person instead of by email.

That’s just what Carpenter Country’s short one did ten days ago, and she’s still amazed at all the eating, talking and fun she was able to cram into less than two weeks.

Of course when the schedule is set up by a friend who’s also a great planner, anything is possible. After a short flight to New York, the itinerary included an overnight stay in the city, tickets to the musical “Nine to Five”, a taxi ride from Midtown to a Wall Street museum that showcased, among other things, a timeline depicting the progress of the recent financial meltdown.

Next was a jaunt to the end of Long Island for lobster, chowder and all things sea food, followed by a cookout with family, and in the morning a car ride to Atlantic City–where a one-line bet on a nickel slot machine downloaded twenty-five dollars. Wow!

Too bad Lady Luck only stayed around for a minute or two–but before the last of the cash was gone there was a stop for a giant hot fudge sundae loaded with whipped cream and topped with a cherry. Yum…it looked as good as it tasted.

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun…and it sure did. Now it’s back to email chats…not as great as face to face yakking. However, since it’s the only show in town, it will have to do…

…until another vacation rolls around.

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