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The other day while reading a slick magazine, Carpenter Country’s short one wondered out loud if life would be more fun if she had a different job. You know, the kind that offers adventure, travel and the heart-racing excitement enjoyed by entertainers, famous authors and millionaires.

The guy that shares her space laughed, and told her it was time for a reality check. Or better yet, a review of all the good, bad and ugly occupations she’d worked at–like saleslady at a department store in charge of the toy counter. Good until her young customers began rearranging the tanks and dolls faster than she could align them. Ugly after that.

In the same ugly category was the unpleasant job at a tool and dye sweatshop, the noisy knitting mill stint and a turn at a ho-hum card factory. Wrapping meat in a supermarket promised bigger bucks with shorter hours and was a slight improvement.

Later, she tried bookkeeping, clerking in an insurance office, a few years as a field interviewer. Burnout led to college, personal money management, and finally, a job she’d spent a lifetime looking for–freelance writing–the very best kind of work.

Funny how the bad and the ugly can lead to the good. Odder still how long it takes to realize variety does not always add spice to life. Grass that looks greener on the other side of the fence is usually just an illusion…

…and a trip down memory lane is unnecessary. If you bloom where you’re planted, each day will be fun.

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