I Hear You

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The world is truly a noisy place. But here in Carpenter Country, the one with the hearing loss didn’t know that until the recent purchase of a pair of state-of-the-art hearing aids.

Plugged into sounds not heard clearly in a long while, she suddenly noticed appliances sloshed, grumbled, whirred and hummed. The phone shrilled, the answering machine squawked, newscasters screeched and TV actors screamed their way through commercials.

And that was only inside the house.

Outside, traffic swishing by on the highway sounded like jet planes on a runway. Down the block friendly dogs raised a boisterous racket. And at Bunco, a room once filled with quietly chatting women rolling muted dice became a hair-raising uproar of ear-splitting proportions.

Patience, the audiologist said. Everything is going to sound loud for at least thirty days.

He was exactly right.

It took a month for the horrific clamor to fade into the background.

Now the click-click-click of the car’s turn signal can be heard over the thump of road noise. And it’s great to understand the lyrics of a song. Or what the hero in a movie is saying. Even better is getting through an entire conversation without having to ask, “What?”

Wearing a pair of hearing aids gives life to the jabber, jingle, rumble, thud and clang of a busy, active world. Taking the aids out brings peace and quiet–the wonderful sounds of silence.

Who knew having the best of both worlds would be golden?

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