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The sky darkens. Winds slam the earth with wild gusts. Tree branches whip in circles like crazed marionettes. Bands of rain drown the land. Another storm named Charley, Frances or Ivan strikes Florida, delivering disruption, disaster and fear.

For sure, hurricanes are bad things.

Here in Carpenter Country, during the height of the storm, when the turmoil was at its worst and the plummeting rain shook our nerves, someone recalled hearing a story about hurricanes being fueled by Mother Nature’s urge to clean house. When the seas rolled and roiled, Mom was mopping grime off her floors. A surge of strong wind meant she was sweeping cobwebs away. Trees ripped from the ground–getting rid of trash.

Then, as soon as the housework was done, the furious squalls that dispatched creaks, thuds and roars stopped. Overcast skies turned a brilliant blue. Sunlight glowed more golden. Flowers were painted in vibrant hues.

The story ended with this statement: Our plastic, diesel, and soot-filled planet occasionally needs a healthy scouring. Turbulent storms return our world to a clean, unclouded condition. Isn’t that a good thing?

As trees and branches toppled outside our windows, we remained unconvinced. A good thing? No way!

Maybe the powerful storms are simply throes of earth-housekeeping. But when they bring down power lines, buildings and people, when everyone’s world is thrown out of order-in our opinion, that is definitely a very bad thing.

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