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The April 2010 Top Drawer Ink essay Sweet Treatment was about using local honey as a natural allergy treatment and ended with these words: If this is a cure, what a sweet way to beat sniffling and sneezing.

So, was it a cure? Here’s the latest scoop.

Unfortunately, last spring’s quick dry-up of my dripping nose wasn’t due to the honey remedy, but the end of pollen season in Carpenter Country.

Nevertheless, after the final Gesundheit slipped away, I still kept spooning honey into and onto most of the food I ate–and this time around the bee nectar is working.

I know–there’s not a shred of proof the sweet cure is an effective allergy treatment. Still, there are reports honey mixed with tea and lemon can be a great sore throat and cough reliever.

In addition, the sugary therapy has also been found as effective as some over-the-counter meds at reducing coughing. And history mentions that for hundreds of years the syrupy stuff was the favored dressing for treating wounds.

The only caution I’ve come across is–honey shouldn’t be given to children under one year of age or be used by anybody who is hypersensitive to it.

Now, I’m going outside into the yellow dust that’s all over everything. Last year yellow dust meant the dreaded pollen season had arrived and I was going to sneeze.

This year it just means I have to wash my car.

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