Holiday Mania

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Holidays! Holidays! Holidays! No one enjoys celebrating holidays more than the short one–and according to the new calendar hanging on Carpenter
Country’s office wall, February is filled with them.

Three old favorites jump out–Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day. Two others the short one is familiar with are Super Bowl Sunday and Ash Wednesday.

But there’s more!

Freedom Day (Feb. 1) commemorates the date in 1865 when President Lincoln signed a proposed resolution that became the 13th amendment to the constitution and outlawed slavery. Today it symbolizes freedom for all Americans.

National Wear Red Day (Feb. 5) raises awareness of America’s number one killer, heart disease. Note to self: Buy a red dress pin.

White Shirt Day (Feb. 11) motivates a switch from red dress pin to white blouse to honor the United Auto Workers and their accomplishments.

Fat Tuesday (Feb. 16) marks the last night of Mardi Gras. The next day is the beginning of the Lenten season and for those planning to start fasting, now is the final moment to eat every fatty, heart-stopping food on the ‘wear red’ no-no list.

Wow! Sure is a lot to celebrate–but wait, there’s still more.

On the 24th, we have Inconvenience Yourself Day, observed by putting other people’s concerns ahead of our own. Twenty four hours later it’s National Chili Day, (yum!) followed immediately by For Pete’s Sake Day (Feb. 26).

And For Pete’s Sake is about all the short one will have the strength to say by the time this party month is over.

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