Holiday Gift Card

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Here in Carpenter Country, red and green Christmas decorations go up on city lampposts while the shouts of trick or treat still echo in the air. Even before the Thanksgiving turkey is served, stores fill their windows with fancy frills, twinkly lights and gift-giving ideas.

While we like to shop as much as anyone, we think merchants are starting the season a little too early. So we’ve come up with a suggestion that we’re sending their way.

Please, let us enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving before we begin to think about Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. If you allow us to eat our candy and turkey, we’ll be better able to get into the spirit of charity and good will. Dedication and remembrance. Family, community and culture.

May we suggest the first day of December as the time to swing into the holiday season? By then our lists will be made and we’ll be ready to spend money.

And here’s another idea. Invent a Peace on Earth gift card. If you do, holiday lights may go on all over the world and people of all faiths might be happy to “shop ‘til they drop” every day, the whole year through.

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