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Are you stressed, filled with anxiety, out of sorts, even angry this Christmas season? If your heart is pounding and your palms are sweaty, listen up. Carpenter Country’s short one has four tips she’d like to share.

One When you feel your adrenaline beginning to surge, find a quiet corner where you can be alone and–SCREAM. A loud yell depletes anger and will keep you from becoming violent.

Two Change the way you think. Stop worrying whether your spouse, in-laws, kids or grandchildren are going to like the gifts you’ve chosen. After you purchase whatever suits your fancy, focus on the fun they’ll have returning it.

Three If you’re shopping for others, don’t deprive yourself. Pick up a bobble or two and to heck with the price. Should your anxiety level spike, take a deep breath and jog to the checkout. The exercise will lower your blood pressure.

Four Having a rude driver cut you off can make you see red. Hearing the packages on the back seat hit the floor can cloud your judgment. Try not to raise your fist or finger at the offending idiot. Instead, pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car and kick the tires. This activity is good for defusing hostility and it’s a lot safer.

The short one hopes you’ll re-read her pearls of wisdom whenever you’re having a bad day. They may provide a smile … and that’s the best stress reliever of all.

From the two of us to every one of you–

Merry Christmas and a Glorious New Year!

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