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Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s almost Christmas and here in Carpenter Country the stores are filled with shoppers, holiday spirit, good cheer–and mistakes.

Yesterday at the supermarket our two-apple purchase confused the computer and was rung up as one apple and a tomato. Of course, the tomato cost more than the apple.

At the post office, the shock of the day occurred when paid-for snowflake stamps set off a security alarm. The friendly clerk had forgotten to swipe the barcode.

Later, we stood in a line of shoppers at the local mega-store waiting to purchase several gift certificates.

Fast forward an hour to the parking lot where it was found that two of the little plastic cards were stuck together in a single envelope.

So, which was activated?

Meanwhile back at the office, the phone was busily dialing directory assistance and 911–all on its own. This led to extra charges on the bill and an unhappy emergency response officer in the driveway.

But wait a minute. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. To be filled with good cheer. To bake cookies, chat with friends, stop to admire the poinsettias, sing carols, watch for Santa, overlook any faux pas.

And ’tis the season to wish everyone a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.

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