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Ever feel like no one hears you? If so, you’ve probably never heard of a government program called “Anytime, Anywhere”.

“We listen to everyone,” says Ernest Litlpicher, spokesperson for Anytime, Anywhere, an initiative with a goal of recording and storing everything Americans say or do. “Have no fear about being left out.”

If this is your first inkling of the program, you’re not alone. Though Anytime, Anywhere has been around for years, the government has done a poor job of advertising it. That oversight ended a few weeks ago, when a rogue worker started an unauthorized publicity campaign. The catchy slogan—”We’re here to hear you”—set off a world-wide debate about whether people actually want to be heard.

Though Mr. Litlpicher has no comment on the answer to that question, he does confirm that Anytime, Anywhere is eavesdropping on this latest conversation.

“No one can accuse the government of not listening,” he says.

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