Happy Spring!

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Happiness is finding a message on my answering machine or emails in my web mailbox. This morning both were empty. It was positively scary! Where was everyone?

At first I panicked. Maybe a disaster had hit that I wasn’t aware of. For the past few weeks the media had headlined one catastrophe after another. Who knew what else might have happened since I last looked at the news.

But a quick check of Carpenter Country’s local TV station turned up only the odd assortment of ads, talk and other boring broadcasts that pass for normal information these days.

So, could Daylight Saving Time be the culprit? Was everyone still feeling sluggish from losing an hour? Or maybe friends and relatives had eaten too much corned beef and cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day and were busy nursing upset stomachs.

Possibly everybody was hunkered down at their desks filling out tax forms. Or taking their W-2’s and 1099’s to a meeting with a tax service, an AARP volunteer, or their accountant.

While all this thinking was going on the phone hadn’t rung once, and not a single E-note had dropped into my mail box.

Hmmm, unless all my friends and relatives were mad at me at the same time (good grief, I hope not) there could be just one other explanation for this morning’s scarcity of messages–spring had sprung a day early.

I opened the door. Yes, the weather was beautiful. Which meant everybody must be outside smelling the flowers.

A superb idea.

I think I’ll stop worrying and join the crowd.

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