Happy Fourth!

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Parades, entertainment, food, fireworks. It must be the Fourth of July.

Here in Carpenter Country and all over the USA what better excuse to party than to celebrate America’s birthday?

Unfortunately, the latest news is many cities and towns will be downsizing Independence Day celebrations because they lack the funds to put on a big show.

But isn’t this the time when our country needs big fireworks, big parades, a real blowout? What better day than the Fourth to let people know that though America isn’t perfect, things could be worse.

How could things be worse? Well, think about this.

Suppose the Representatives of the Continental Congress had wrangled over–or opposed–the Declaration of Independence? We’d be saluting the Union Jack instead of Old Glory. We could be singing God Save the Queen rather than The Star-Spangled Banner.

What if they’d sat on their hands and refused to sign the document that gave us independence from Great Britain? America might still be thirteen separate colonies instead of fifty united states–and there would be no holiday to celebrate.

Thankfully, fifty-six men had the perceptive wisdom and common sense to do what was best for the country. They may not have been any more perfect in their day than America is right now, but they created a flawless document.

And because of their foresight, plus their ability to put aside their differences and follow through, we can wave our own flag, sing our own national anthem and have fun on a day that’s truly American.

Hooray for the 4th of July!

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