Happiness Is…

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Last year, HeartMath, a stress research institute in California, conducted a survey. The final data revealed that spending a lot of time on a computer gave some folks sleep problems and made others irritable and depressed.

Here in Carpenter Country we enjoy jumping out of bed in the morning and booting up. It’s exciting to log on and discover that overnight our virtual mailbox has filled with messages from relatives, friends–even a few editors offering assignments.

Could be we’re not anxious, sleepless or depressed because our experience with technology started early. We purchased our first word processor/computer in 1984. We wrote a lot of stories on that old Radio Shack Tandy. At first rejection slips papered our walls. Then an editor liked a few of our tales and we were published. What excitement!

An upgrade to a newer model put us on line–a completely different experience. We downloaded our first e-mail and took time to surf the web. Since then we’ve formed a corporation, sold many articles and started this newsletter.

We’re glad to be just a mouse click away from the latest news, technology and information. We like doing things the easy way. And we appreciate every e-mail we receive. It’s fun reading what someone has to say and sending back a reply.

What would depress us? An unplugged computer.

From our point of view happiness is–connected and in touch.

Happy Holidays To All


A Wonderful 2005!

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