Essay — Happily Exhausted

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Tired DogI’m looking forward to relaxing in April since March has been one hectic month.

It started with Daylight Saving Time, moved on to St. Paddy’s Day and the First Day of Spring and now it’s heading into Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, and Spring Break. On top of that, I’ve just finished a four week Carpenter Country Fitness Program.

The fitness program included all things energetic, like biking, swimming, power walking, aerobics, and other exercises designed to wear a person out. It made me so hungry, I ate everything in sight, and still lost three pounds.

Now three pounds doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve been trying to shed that weight since last year’s vacation. So I’m happy to say I can now button my slacks and won’t need a new wardrobe for this year’s trip–which, I just noticed is coming up in less than four weeks.

It’s a Carnival Cruise…and the ribbing started in February when someone mentioned ships owned by this particular cruise line were experiencing difficulties ranging from fires and faulty generators to mechanical problems.

“Well, stuff happens,” I said, joining in the laughter.

But I stopped laughing when I heard the latest news about another Carnival ship having technical difficulties. Whoa, what kind of track record did this line have? Time to do some research. Unfortunately, information was hard to find since no one agency oversees cruise ships.

However, I’m sure all will go well. If not, April may be as happily exhausting as March.

Especially if a fire breaks out and I have to swim home.


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