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Halloween is nearly upon us, and this year I’m going to two parties.

At the first bash, I’ll be one of the three blind mice. While I’m saying, “Where’s the cheese?” I’ll be wearing large sunglasses, a black shirt, tights, whiskers and a skull cap with mouse ears.

A farmer’s wife…dressed appropriately in a calico apron…will be chasing me and the other two mice with a butcher knife.

Of course, I don’t know how fast any of us will be able to run since as blind mice we’ll be hobbling around with canes. Maybe we should all stand our ground and attack the farmer’s wife with those wooden sticks.

No, no, that would ruin a good party!

A week later, at the next event, I’ll be Jane Fonda. What a switch, huh?

The outfit of the evening will be aerobic wear, complete with a blond wig-if I can find one. Otherwise, I’ll be wearing my own naturally curly, beautifully spiked, gray hair.

Hopefully, no one will be chasing me at this gathering since I’ll be carrying a five pound weight in each hand, which would probably make running difficult, though not as hard as trying to sprint away from the farmer’s wife while using a cane.

I wish I could take credit for the brilliant mouse costume idea, but the kudos go to one of the other mice, who has a young and playful mind. As for the Jane Fonda bit, that fell into place because most of the exercise gear was already in my Carpenter Country closet.

So Happy Halloweening, everyone–and please keep your fingers crossed that I get through both fun events without breaking a leg.

That would mean needing a cane big time!

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