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Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Yes, trick or treat day is fast approaching and the spookiness meter, which has been in high gear all year, seems to have jumped into overdrive. Switch on the TV and the news blasts out one scary scenario after another.

Weather people predict a major lunar blackout when covens of witches riding broomsticks fly in front of the moon. Talk show hosts conjure up scenes of civil unrest each time ghosts and goblins say Boo! Newscasters warn about global warming because of too many candle lit jack-o-lanterns. And everyone’s hair is standing on end since jellybean prices shot into the stratosphere.

In between all this mayhem drug companies tout cures for broken bones, failing hearts and blood clots–ailments most likely made worse by the dark and gloomy side effects of their snake oil remedies.

Would buying a newspaper bring relief from the fear factor?


The business section cautions that newt eggs are the latest scam. The health section sends shock waves with stories of a possible bat flu pandemic. Bold print headlines spin out tales of warlocks casting spells on innocent people.

It’s almost as if the three witches from Macbeth leaped out of the closet and in one voice began reciting The Witches’ Caldron.

Who needs all this dread-speak?

Here in Carpenter Country we’d rather see smiling scarecrows, dancing tombstones, black cats that bring good luck. Please bring on the jelly apples, candy corn and pumpkins carved with silly grins.

We’re so ready for giggling kids dressed in funny monster costumes, we’ll even sing out a phrase not penned by William Shakespeare.

Happy Halloween!

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