Halloween Quiz

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Here in Carpenter Country, the short one was facing another Red Hat Halloween party and the same old question–which All Hallows Eve costume should she wear?

What she needed was help.

A few mouse clicks later, she was looking at a Costumery Analysis Test. The lead-in read–When you know your personality traits, you’ll be able to choose the perfect costume. If you’re ready, let’s begin. What are your interests?

Gad-zillion items lit up the screen. Only eight had to be chosen, but she picked eleven.

Next was Match the Clothes Compatible with Your Idea. This section offered another long list with instructions to choose ten. Here she Xed six, figuring that would help balance the oversupply in the previous column.

Following was a thirty item segment called Get to Know Yourself. Checking all that applied took awhile and by the time she finished she was totally ready to jump to the final phase. But a fast forward showed five additional categories covering at least nine more pages.

This could take forever–forget it!

As if the computer had read her mind, the page disappeared and a single paragraph scrolled across the screen: At present your test results reveal several scary personality traits. Supply a credit card number, then click yes to receive further information. The word vermin should be added to your traits list if you are disconnecting and plan to query family and friends about which costumes best fit your personality.

Well, Happy Halloween, there’s a good idea.

So, fellow tricksters and treaters, tell me–what ghoulish outfit do you think I should wear?

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