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Hair, hair, everywhere–mostly long and dark; very little short and gray.

Short hair seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. And forget gray hair, it’s never been in style.

Here in Carpenter Country, where hair has been curly, bobbed and more salt than pepper for years, the shorter one of us is feeling outdated. Last night she actually talked about straightening, dyeing and letting her locks grow long. But now she might not have to.

The big news is that 2007 could usher in a new look. Medium length hair may be the new rage. And the “in” color–an attention grabbing muted silver or pewter.

Muted silver or pewter? In other words–gray?

Well, since the short one’s do is definitely that color and already that length, she’ll finally be in the forefront of the latest style.

Now, if she can just decide between curly or straight, she may never have a bad hair day again.

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