Grandparent’s Day

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Hooray! Hooray! September 7th is Grandparent’s Day.

Carpenter Country’s short one loves holidays and while waiting to celebrate she began reminiscing about her oldest grandson and the first time he made her laugh out loud.

Michael was seven or eight at the time and lived with his family in a state park. His dad, knowing how much Michael loved to roam in the large wooded fenced-in area behind their home, had marked the trees with red blazes so his small son could pretend he was a woodsman.

One day, the short granny came for a visit and Michael asked if she’d like to go on a hike with him. She agreed, and after his mom packed a canteen and a few snacks to make it look like Michael and granny were going on a real expedition, they set off.

As they walked along the trail, Michael pointed out all sorts of wonders. He was talking about a neat bird he’d seen when granny suddenly noticed there were no more red blazes on the trees.

She came to a dead stop and trying not to sound panicked, said “Michael, do you know where we are?”

Michael looked up at his concerned granny, and with a playful tongue-in-cheek grin, replied, “Of course, Grandma. We’re in the woods.”

Michael’s a wildlife officer now. His job keeps him busy doing what he likes most–patrolling country roads. Most likely he doesn’t even remember the incident. But that’s okay.

Whenever he visits his grandma he still cracks one-liners that make her smile.

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