Grabbing a Rainbow

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June has morphed into July, which means the flowerbeds need weeding, the veggie plot begs to be hoed and the grass is crying for a trim.

Unfortunately going outside to do any of the above is next to impossible because Carpenter Country’s been awash in rain for the past two weeks.

Even more unfortunate for the housebound short one is that she’s already taken her summer vacation, and though the trip was great, there’s no other Northern escape on her immediate horizon.

This brings up the question–what to do after each day’s writing is done?

Mom used to say–a bored mind looks for trouble, grab the mop, it’ll keep you busy.

But rearranging dust bunnies or waving a broom across the parquet isn’t enough to raise the short one’s flagging spirits. Neither is cooking, baking or doing the laundry.

She could take a class. Learning to sew would solve the problem of finding clothes to fit an hour glass figure with all the sand on the bottom.

As she tries to picture herself in a hip-slimming outfit, the computer dings and an email drops into her mailbox. The message: Hey Gal Pal–I hear raindrops are falling on your head again. Sun’s shining here. Head South. We’ll go to the beach.

When life hands out a rainbow, it’s best to grab it.

Flowerbeds, veggie plots, sewing classes can wait. This minute all that’s required is tossing a swimsuit in a bag, jumping in the car and heading for a day of sun-filled fun and sea breezes.

Boredom and total unrest gone…

…thanks, friend!

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