Gaining on November

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It’s November–the end of Daylight Saving time and the beginning of gaining weight.

Tomorrow, when dawn arrives at six-thirty instead of seven-thirty and sunlight streams through my window, I’ll finally be motivated to leap out of bed before eight a.m.

But because darkness descends earlier, there will be more time to sit on the couch in the evening, open the top button of my slacks and munch on leftover Halloween candy.

To be honest, November has always been a put-on-the-pounds month for me. Flyers from local stores overflow Carpenter Country’s mailbox, each filled with glossy pictures of all sorts of yummy looking treats.

Around the county, art, craft and seafood events sprout up like mushrooms, vying for space beside wine and cheese festivals too tasty to ignore.

Birthdays and anniversaries stand in line to be celebrated and each will feature a luscious chocolate cake that calls out to me. Then there are the snack-filled bunco parties, the potluck lunches, the cookouts, new restaurants to sample–and in the fourth week, Turkey Day.

Unless I keep my mouth shut and ignore all that good food…which is unlikely…the end of November will find me blissfully stuffed and faced with one other not quite so enjoyable, but predictable event.

Shopping for a size-larger wardrobe in December.

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