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It’s March and Carpenter Country is finally heading into spring. The dogwoods and azaleas are covered in glorious flowers, the amaryllis has buds–but where are the frogs?

Last year the short one heard the species was in trouble. However there were plenty of little green critters clinging to her window pane and no shortage of trills, croaks and ribbits from the back yard–-so she ignored the warning.

Now the numbers are in.

During the past four decades nearly two hundred species of frogs have disappeared. On top of that, more than two thousand species are threatened with extinction.

Frogs are falling victim to habitat destruction, pollution of their environment and non-native species that invade their territory.

True, not all frogs are as cute as Kermit. In fact, some are downright scary. Still they’re wonderful at helping our ecosystem stay in good working order. When they’re little they eat algae, keeping waterways clean and clear. As they grow bigger, they switch their diets to ticks, mosquitoes and all those other pesky bugs that like to raise welts on our tender skin.

Luckily for frogs–and for all of us–help is on the way. Thanks to the scientific community, April 28th has been designated Save the Frogs day. At present there is no central location for the event, but that will change in the future. Right now spreading the word about amphibian declines is what’s important.

So let everybody know. You won’t receive money or a miracle, but you may help save a frog species.

The short one already has her big mouth open.

Ribbit! Ribbit!

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