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August is a month that’s hard to like. In some parts of the country summer vacation is over and students and teachers are heading back to school. Hurricane threats seem to be more numerous. Lawns need mowing at least twice a week. The sun’s heat and the earth’s humidity unite with rain and thunderstorms to produce more of each.

Here in Carpenter Country, the air conditioner is keeping the high temperatures at bay, but not even the arctic air blowing down on us could chase away the doldrums created by the Gladiolus and Peridot month.

And then we looked at our calendar and saw August 1st listed as Friendship Day. Darn if that didn’t sound like a day designed to make most everyone smile. Wanting to learn more, we started surfing the ‘net.

One web site said Friendship Day was a national holiday enacted by Congress in 1935. Another mentioned National Friendship Week, but debunked the whole idea as being without fact. There were bunches of plain vanilla Friendship Days too. One for almost every month.

Hoping to end the confusion, we logged on to In due time an e-mail containing recommended web sites arrived in our electronic mailbox. When we clicked, a list of US national holidays came up.

But National Friendship Day or National Friendship Week wasn’t among them.

Further research determined some days are “declared days,” which means they’re not a holiday, but an observance, and wouldn’t show up on the federal list.

While we were pondering this, International Friendship Day popped up on our screen (

The concept of friendship as a global celebration is an idea we like. We’re delighted to join in the spirit and say, “Hi, friends. Have a wonderful and a happy day!”

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