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Friends are wonderful. They stand by each other through the good days, the bad days and the just plain weirdo days.

Last week, while waiting to fill her plate at the Chinese Buffet, Carpenter Country’s short one had a bit of a weirdo day. It happened when the battery in her hearing aid beeped signaling its end was near.

As she let out an exasperated sigh, the woman on line in front of her turned, scowled and said…I’M NOT DONE FILLING MY PLATE YET!

Failing to connect the dots between the reason for the irate remark and her own loud exhale, the short one glanced at the shouter-and received a middle finger salute. Never handy with a quick rejoinder, she remained speechless as the woman moved on.

Back at the table, completely annoyed with herself by her lack of a snappy comeback, she mentioned the incident to the lunch group. Immediately thirteen women wanted to know what had happened.

After hearing the story, the gal in the next seat reached over to dispense a hug. “I’ll blow a raspberry at her when we leave,” she said.

“We’ll blow thirteen raspberries,” another defender agreed.

“Yes,” a different chum chimed in. “We’re friends, and friends stick together.”

Good thing that statement produced a group cheer and high-fives all around–because once again the short one was at a loss for words.

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