Friends are Forever

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New Year’s resolutions are made.

Then broken.

But 2005 is young and there’s still time to start over. So throw out the old, ring in the new–and for more help–call on a friend.

Here in Carpenter Country, throwing out and ringing in began when the major resolution breaker started lamenting about all the weight she’d gained from eating holiday goodies.

When she wondered aloud if a might diet help, her partner promptly did some research. Seems there are many ways to lose weight.

Eating popcorn and other filling foods sounded good. Writing down how many calories were gobbled in a day would make a person more conscious of how much she ate. Another tip suggested a change in life style. Pounds could melt away, allowing a “new you” to emerge. A plan called Square Your Shoulders promised a lean and willowy bod even if the numbers on the scale remained the same.

Hmmm…time to see which method might work.

Squaring the shoulders provided a slimmer look, but only when tucking in the tummy was remembered.

A life style change proved hard to achieve.

Eating popcorn and counting calories became a roller coaster ride of lose two pounds, gain three.

Obviously the major resolution breaker was also a backslider. What to do next?

The answer arrived in an email from a friend detailing her struggle with the very same “lose two, gain three” problem.

The response, dispatched immediately, read: Maybe we can work together?

Thus was born the “Stand Tall, Think Thin,” method of permanent weight reduction. The major resolution breaker (now renamed the great resolution keeper) and the wonderful friend call their plan the Buddy System. Which once again proves diets are a fad…

…and friends are forever.

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