Essay — Flying Away

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Last month, the promise of an all-star vacation sent me to the computer to check out flight times. While making reservations, I read through the do’s and don’ts listed on the airline’s website. Do remember to check in twenty-four hours before your trip to obtain a boarding pass. Do read the latest security requirements. Don’t forget your ID. Don’t arrive late.

There were many more items, such as guidelines for traveling with pets, children and babies, as well as luggage polices and security procedures.

Wow, we sure have come a long way from the years when flying the cloudless skies was a treat that included assigned seats and a pretty good meal. Another huge bonus–the airline thought everyone had a brain and would get to the terminal before the plane took off.

However, I’ve noticed that’s the way with most everything lately. It’s like we’ve all gotten dumber and have to be told what to do.

I, for one, am ready to rebel…

…but not until I’ve eaten my prepackaged peanuts and landed safely back home in Carpenter Country.


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