Finding Tranquility

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Where’s your tranquility? Do you have a private place to relax, a special sanctuary that shuts out the bustle of a busy world?

Maybe you retreat to a quiet brook, a shady glen, or a stone bench in a manicured park. Maybe you prefer to lounge on the couch with a glass of wine.

In Carpenter Country, tranquility rests in a garden, surrounded by fragrant flowers, a gurgling fountain and a swaying hammock. Butterflies sail, birds sing, and the breeze is cool and clear.

Well, maybe cool air is just wishful thinking. After all, we live in Florida where the air is hot and humid. And we forgot to mention the squirrels, snakes, ants, insects and the odd beetle or two that call our garden home.

We forgot to mention them because we were too busy trying to remember when last we embraced our tranquility and let our spirit soar and be renewed.

Hmmm. Think we’ll head out to the garden now.

How about you?

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