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Tovi thinks finding a flying horse is fabulous luck—
until a mysterious stranger says finders aren’t always keepers.

When fourteen year old Tovi Taggert moves to Honeysuckle Hollow to take care of her grandmother, she has a hard time fitting in. For one thing, she’s been tagged with the hated nickname Too-Tall Tovi. For another, everyone at Honeysuckle Hollow High believes Tovi played the Choking Game with someone else’s boyfriend—and made out with him besides.

As if she doesn’t have enough problems, after the latest stand-off in the school hallway, Tovi finds a gorgeous speckled egg nestled in a feather lined nest.

She takes the egg home—and mysterious visitors begin appearing almost immediately. Even more worrisome, whatever is inside the egg starts chipping its way out.

When the egg hatches, revealing a winged horse, Tovi’s troubles multiply.

As she struggles to return the horse to the magical land where he belongs, Tovi must make a courageous decision—and accept what that decision will cost her.

The SkyHorse (ebook)
Genre: Middle Grade/Young Adult fantasy
Rating: Sweet, clean (minimal offensive language; no explicit love scenes)
Suitable for: Ages 10 and up
Length: Novel (44,000 words; 108 pages)
What reviewers say“I would recommend this book to anyone who loves horse stories, you won’t be disappointed!”

The SkyHorse, a young adult novel, is available at Amazon and  Smashwords.

The SkyHorse is listed on Overdrive too. If your library offers e-books, please ask them to buy a digital copy of The SkyHorse—then you can check it out, for free, and read it on your computer, Kindle or other e-reader. (Overdrive is a distributor of e-books, audio books and other digital content. Libraries subscribe to Overdrive and choose the titles they want to offer. Those books become available for download to card-holding library patrons.)

Wondering where we got the idea for The SkyHorse? Read the essay here, or listen to the 2-minute audio version below  ↓

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