Dream Stealer

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Dream Stealer


Is stealing a dream better than losing your own?
Ever wonder what became of the dreams you once had? Fancy Moonstruck can tell you.
Fancy is supposed to steal dreams. It’s what her family does for a living, and now that she’s fifteen, the job is hers.
It’s a job she’d rather not have. She knows first-hand what dreams mean to the dreamer because she dreams of her mom, who died five years ago. Losing her dream would be like losing her mom all over again. That’s a pain Fancy doesn’t want to inflict on anyone.But the rules are clear: Steal a dream—or lose her own.



Another moment and the dream will be gone.

The winter sea breeze brushes my hair from my face, its cold caress as light as the layer of fear I wear like my dark hoodie, and as soft as my shallow breathing. In the way of every good thief, I take care that the whispery puff of my breath is the only sound I make.

Though I’m not touching the fleeing dream, it kisses my mind, sticky as a spider’s web. I stand still, wide-awake in the hush of the two a.m. darkness, staring at the pulsing silver sliver. The external details are breathtaking: the shivering tendrils of longing; the filaments of hope, quivering like the strings of a harp. They float through the window of the ramshackle beach cottage where Mrs. Hooper sleeps, reaching upward with fog-thin fingers, anchored within her heart, searching for the sky.

Mrs. Hooper’s dream is one of love-longing, and I peek inside as it sways above me, though I’m not supposed to. The Dream Buyers pay well for dreams of love-longing, and they pay especially well for dreams untouched by us Stealers.

Even so, I can’t stop myself from lingering inside the dream. I spend precious seconds there, warming myself in the heat of Mrs. Hooper’s longing for the love of her son, before drawing back into the chill of the night’s reality, and my work in it. I fumble to release the dream catcher, which dangles from my belt on a leather cord, then grasp the handle of the delicate, tightly-woven net. I focus on the hours of practice runs I went over with Dad. I need only reach out now, and my very first dream-stealing excursion will end in success.

And I will keep my family safe.

I must do this. Yet I hesitate. Dad says Mrs. Hooper will never miss her dream. Is it possible he’s wrong? I dream a similar love-longing dream myself, every night, and I know what it means to me—the same as this dream must mean to Mrs. Hooper.

If I’m right, I cannot take it from her.

I must take it.

I must…

Dream Stealer (ebook)
Genre: Middle Grade/Young Adult fantasy
Rating: Sweet, clean (no offensive language; no explicit love scenes)
Suitable for: Ages 10 and up
Length: Novelette (8,400 words; 33 pages)

Dream Stealer, a stand-alone young adult novelette of approximately 8,400 words, is available for $1.99 on Amazon.com.

Or you can purchase Dream Stealer from our secure Selz store by clicking the button below (we do not have access to or retain your payment information).

At present, Dream Stealer is only available in digital format.

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HL Carpenter is a mother/daughter writing team. Their young adult novelette, Dream Stealer, is available at Amazon.com and Selz.


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