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It seems almost everyone is into exercise, and here in Carpenter Country we do our fair share. But as the weather gets colder the less aerobic one of us is finding more and more excuses to cut back.

She says all that bike riding, weight lifting and jumping around make her hungry–so instead of losing pounds, she’s gaining them. And though experts agree muscles weigh more than fat, her waistline is the only thing getting bigger.

Of course, she admits exercise might not be the cause of her throbs and pangs. Maybe those twinges are brought on by the sunny South’s sudden winter-like weather. And it could be her waistline is expanding because Technicolor TV food ads tend to create constant snack attacks.

But forget all the “flip-side” reasoning. For now she’s decided shoulder and neck creaks, sore knees and back pain come from demanding more of ligaments, joints and bones than they can stand. Add that to weight gain and trying to stay healthy becomes unhealthy.

That’s her excuse, and she’s keeping it.

At least until spring warms the air.

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