Exciting Summertime

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Summertime (and the living is easy) used to be a popular song. A typical day in the lazy haze of Heatwave Hollow meant clambakes on the beach, a lawn chair in the shade and cookouts.

Occasionally someone would have to forego all that unhurried calm to batten down the hatches for a storm, but for the most part summers were tranquil and sometimes downright boring.

Not so during the exciting summer of 2004. Or 2005, which may become a near sequel.

So far this year Carpenter Country has experienced electrifying thunderstorms, drenching rains–and the resulting rampant grass growth. When the sun reappeared, our once quiet neighborhood buzzed with the enthusiastic sound of mowers, weed whackers and leaf blowers.

But grass elevating itself to jungle status hardly compared to what was happening in other areas. The news media, which seems to thrive on disaster, to-do and hoopla, thrilled us with continuous reports of red tide and smelly dead fish.

As soon as that exhilarating stink died down, the weather people signed in with rousing blow-by-blows of hurricane Dennis’ travels up the coast. The in-depth animation kept our nerves tingling for hours.

During the past week the talking heads have been tracking hurricane Emily, as well as several tropical disturbances and the heat wave in New York. Reports indicate our picnic days are over. High adventure perches on the horizon.

At least no one’s been yawning for the last two summers.

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