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Last week we mentioned we’ve been busy here in Carpenter Country. Here’s the proof.

Image source: HL Carpenter
Image source: HL Carpenter

That’s the print-out of our soon-to-be-released e-book, Walled In, with lots of pink and blue ink decorating the pages.

We confess, the ink is ours. The actual editing suggestions were in the digital copy. What? You mean our stories are…ummm…less than perfect when we submit them?

Welllllll…yes and no. That is, we think they’re perfect—and then someone reads the submitted draft and says, “Hey, this IS a good story. And it can be even better, if you…”

When the someone who offers suggestions for improvement is an editor we respect, we listen, and then we get busy. We went through Walled In, changing and revising, tightening sentences, and making our hero more heroic.

That part of the process is the substantive first edit, or as we call it, a LOT of work.

And it’s only part of the process. Next comes the cover art, the tag, the blurb, the excerpt, the line edits and the galley proofs. Then the publicity tour, which needs to be planned in advance (meaning now), since the release date for Walled In is May 2.

So we’ve been busy, and we’ll be busy, and we’re not complaining about any of it. Well, all right, there was some complaining about the edits. Those were OUR MARVELOUS WONDERFUL PERFECT WORDS!

But we’re over that now, because after we re-worked our MARVELOUS WONDERFUL PERFECT WORDS, the  story got even marvelous-er wonderful-er perfect-er. Maybe even marvelous-est wonderful-est perfect-est.

Of course, you’ll be the final judge.

In the meantime, we’re getting started on line edits for Walled In and gearing up for another round of substantive editing on a novella that will be released in June. We’re also starting a new story, revising another already-written book, and writing four upcoming guest blog posts.

Did we mention we’ve been busy here in Carpenter Country? We hope you’re busy with work you enjoy too.


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