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In Carpenter Country, it’s time to celebrate holidays, old and new. Traditional ones include Chanukah, which ends this week, and Christmas, followed by Kwanzaa, the two that will round out the end of the month.

So, what’s to celebrate from now until then? You’d be surprised.

Image source: BPL via Wikimedia Commons

Image source: BPL via Wikimedia Commons

December 8 is National Brownie Day, while December 9 heralds National Pastry Day. When you’re finished rolling out the dough, we hope you’ll take a break, grab a leftover brownie, skip over to Musa Publishing, and enjoy our free read, Dream Stealer. If you like the story as much as the brownie, we’d love a review.

Moving right along­ to the third and fourth week in December let’s celebrate Ding-a-ling Day and Bake Cookies Day. The eve of wrap-up-the-last-gift ushers in National Egg Nog Day, a treat that’s also welcome at Christmas dinner.

By now you’re probably exhausted from all the festivities, so settle back and grab a slice of fruitcake. Yes, December 27 is National Fruitcake Day—and drum-roll—the release by Musa Publishing of our second short story, The Demise of Fyne Literature. (Here’s a look at the cover.)

Since all of December comprises Read a New Book Month, we’re sending a shout from the rooftop to every bookworm. Please check out the novels by other Musa authors, as well as our work, both new and old.

We wish you weeks of happy reading–

And holidays filled with laughter and cheer.


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