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We’re deep in the weeds in Carpenter Country this week. The heroine of our current work in progress wants to be a botanist, and weeds are part of her life.


Image source: HL Carpenter


Weeds are part of our life too, like the scrappy little sidewalk-dwellers pictured above and below.


Image source: HL Carpenter


We like to know the names of the flora surrounding us, and were disappointed that we were unable to identify the common yard weeds. After all, aren’t weeds simply flowers that grow where you’d prefer they didn’t? Every now and then we discover what we believed was a weed is actually a much-desired native, such as the Beauty Berry that covers the electric box in the front yard.


Image source: HL Carpenter


The flowers are growing wildly this year too, thanks to copious amounts of rain. Here’s a Green & Gold, bravely peeping out from amid a multitude of unnamed, thriving weeds.


Image source: HL Carpenter


While we were snapping shots of the weeds, we discovered the rain has also produced an abundance of insects. Fortunately, the local dragonfly platoon is dutifully patrolling the yard. This little beauty posed on the Weeping Yaupon Holly long enough for us to thank her for her work before she darted away to rejoin the army.


Image source: HL Carpenter

The Flower
by Alfred Lord Tennyson
(Public Domain)

Once in a golden hour
I cast to earth a seed.
Up there came a flower,
The people said, a weed.

To and fro they went
Thro’ my garden bower,
And muttering discontent
Cursed me and my flower.

Then it grew so tall
It wore a crown of light,
But thieves from o’er the wall
Stole the seed by night.

Sow’d it far and wide
By every town and tower,
Till all the people cried,
“Splendid is the flower!”

Read my little fable:
He that runs may read.
Most can raise the flowers now,
For all have got the seed.

And some are pretty enough,
And some are poor indeed;
And now again the people
Call it but a weed.


Are you misjudging any of the flowers in your life?


***** ABOUT THE AUTHOR *****

HL Carpenter is the pen name of a Florida-based mother/daughter duo who writes family-friendly fiction from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Visit Carpenter Country at


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