Essay — Humbug Day

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Saturday is the start of the winter solstice. In ancient times lots of beer, wine, feasting and merrymaking marked this midwinter event. After all, if you didn’t think you were going to live through the coming months of famine you might as well counter the stress with hearty eating, drinking and joyfulness.

Image source: Ines, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: Ines, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fast forward to 2013–while most of us aren’t looking at long weeks without food, the holidays can make us feel stressed and depressed. Luckily we’re more fortunate than our ancestors. Why?

Image source: Robert Doucette, via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: Robert Doucette, via Wikimedia Commons

We have National Humbug Day!

On December 21, it’s okay to grumble about the traffic, cuss about the lines in the stores, or vent about the money you’re spending on gifts. But you’d better hurry because these twenty-four hours are all the time you have to enjoy behaving like Scrooge. Tomorrow it’s back to a smiling positive attitude.

Of course, if you’re still feeling stressed, we invite you to check out our latest stories. Books make wonderful presents for family and friends—and hassle-free gift shopping is always a plus.

So, here’s to the winter solstice, made better by a happy Humbug Day. To those who have bought our e-books, we thank you. To those who haven’t yet done that, we hope you will.

And to everyone, best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season!


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