Essay — Garden Pests

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Carpenter Country’s weekly dose-of-nature essays tend to reflect the beauty we see. That preference doesn’t mean we’re oblivious to other aspects of the natural world surrounding us, including those who recently turned the lush stand of four o’clocks into stalky skeletons of their former selves.


Image source: HL Carpenter


The culprits were not difficult to find.

Among the tattered floral remains we discovered tent caterpillars eager to become moths

Image source: HL Carpenter


and eastern lubber grasshoppers dedicated to producing another year’s infestation.

Image source: HL Carpenter


Yet even among the destruction, beauty survived, including this wild poinsettia, lover of sunlight and drought.

Image source: HL Carpenter

Do you see the world as it is?


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HL Carpenter is a Florida-based mother/daughter duo who writes family-friendly fiction from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Visit Carpenter Country at


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We write. Visit us in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like our stories, is unreal but not untrue.

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