Essay — After the storm

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Image of sunbeam through forest via Unsplash
Image source: Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

After the storm

Quick! Look!

Close up image of brown bunny face and eye looking at camera from Dreamstime public domain photos
Source: Dreamstime public domain photos
Image of brown squirrel standing up in clover looking at camera. Image from unsplash.
Image source: Photo by ušan Smetana on Unsplash

Under the four o’clock
a squirrel and a bunny
dine by a garden rock.

And there!

Close up image of a carolina brown wren courtesy of the national park service public domain
Image source: National Park Service, public domain

In the pindo palm boots
Mrs. Wren flits and flies,
pursuing her pursuits.

Hear now!

Close-up of a male rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) showing its rose-colored throat.
Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain National Park
Image source: National Park Service, public domain

The hum of the hummer,
a bright zip of color
the jewel of summer.

How do you celebrate when the storm is done?



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