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Escape is a verb with many synonyms. It can mean avoiding capture to a mugger running from the police. Breaking out to those confined in a jail, hospital or nursing home. Even a memory slip when someone’s name eludes us.

Last week in Carpenter Country escape meant freedom, diversion, distraction and just plain getting-away-from-it-all fun. For seven carefree days, we visited relatives in another state and became escapees from mundane chores.

Deadlines and routines were replaced with wonderful walks in autumn colored woods. Unhurried drives through a beautiful countryside. Leisurely strolls around a holiday decorated mall. Afternoon card games, evenings filled with great food. Good conversation and the rekindling of friendships.

The time passed much too quickly. Before we knew it, we found ourselves back on the highway heading south. Reluctant to come home to a mailbox stuffed with bills and a refrigerator that needed refilling, we detoured through several other states, took in a few more sights.

Finally there was nothing left but to pull into our driveway, sad that our week of evading responsibilities was over. Ask anyone who has ever enjoyed a vacation–flying the coop is a liberating experience.

So, even as we dumped the contents of our laundry bag into the washer, we began planning our next great escape.

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