Enough Winter!

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Enough winter! Where is spring?

Here in Carpenter Country we’re tired of cold feet and layers of clothing so thick and heavy we can hardly bend our arms. While chilly blasts might make others feel ready to tackle the world, we’re exhausted from trying to stay warm.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of cold air. But as someone in an old commercial for a product we can’t quite recall once sang, Just a little dab will do ya. Thirty-five years in the Sunshine State has acclimated us to highs of over ninety. As far as we’re concerned sweating beats shivering by a Miami mile.

In fact, we’d almost decided to head for those southern beaches, but then on New Year’s Day the thermometer outside our window hit a toasty, welcome eighty degrees. Finally, after weeks in the fifties and lower, the muse of sunshine heard our pleas.

Yea! We can shed our long johns and sweaters. We can grab a rake and get on with clearing away the debris from the last frost. We can bring out the lawn chairs. Maybe even do a little early spring-cleaning.

While it’s not quite bathing suit weather in our chunk of the woods, it’s decidedly warmer.

But maybe not for long…

We just heard the latest weather report. Forty degrees by evening! To heck with this, we’re definitely heading south.

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