Eminent Domain

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Eminent Domain calls himself the actor Americans love to hate.

“It’s understandable,” he says. “I’ve been an unpopular villain for most of my career.”

Mr. Domain’s agent, Takings Clause, is quick to point out Mr. Domain got his start as a hero in the blockbuster movie “The Fifth Amendment.” However, the agent admits the early success led to bad behavior by Mr. Domain, and adds it can be difficult to represent the actor these days.

“He gets a lot of hate mail,” says Mr. Clause. “It’s sad, since I believe his true mission is to promote the public good.”

Mr. Domain still has plenty of fans. They’re known as “Developers” because they work to build a positive view of the actor. As part of burnishing his image, Developers like to call attention to the fact that Mr. Domain can trace his lineage directly to famous historical figures, including Magna Carta. Even today, Ms. Carta is considered a stage-setter for her role in The Great Charter of English Liberties, a power play written in the year 1215.

Critics acknowledge Mr. Domain’s storied pedigree, and say they have nothing against him personally. They’re simply of the opinion he’s a rotten actor who grabs every opportunity to enter the picture even when he’s not wanted, with little regard for others.

“There’s always conflict when he shows up,” says Just Compensation, who says he’s a former friend of Mr. Domain. “He seems to think he has the right to take over everything.”

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